We are a community-based group dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba. Our center is located in El Cerrito, California, just 10 miles north of the Bay Bridge. We are a democratically run, non-profit organization with Meher Baba as our recognized spiritual leader.

We offer a wide range of activities and meetings centered around Meher Baba's teachings and his life. All of our meetings are open to the public.

Upon entering our center, there is a comfortable meeting area and an office. Upstairs we have a bookstore and reading area as well as a meditation room. Our facilities are wheelchair accessible.

What's New

Meetings at the Center

Reading meetings:  3rd Mondays, 7:15pm - a monthly meeting focusing on Craig Ruff's booklet "Oneness in the World -The Awareness: Spiritual Understanding Not Intellectual Information". Craig details in this series of booklets his observations on the spiritual problems we all face, and shares his experience in confronting these problems while working in the world and with Meher Baba's Mandali (close circle of disciples) in India.

Open hours:  last Friday of the month, 1-5pm - check our online calendar for details!

Board meetings: all are welcome!  Check our online calendar for the next scheduled meeting.

We need your input!  We invite all local, Northern Californian Baba-lovers to come together in real time and space to share thoughts, ideas, stories, inspirations, and creative, artistic and devotional expressions with other Baba-lovers and those who are interested in Baba.  Please send an email with your program suggestions and how best to reach you to:  


Bookstore news

We have many poetry books, classic Baba books, memoirs of Baba-lovers, cds, dvds, etc all available, many at reduced prices. The lending library is also available.  If you are interested in visiting the MBCNC bookstore, and are unable to attend any meetings at the Center, please send an email to bookstore@meherbabameherbaba.org to make other arrangements.

Avatar Meher Baba

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