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Volunteer opportunity!

The board of director’s of the Meher Baba Center of Northern California has decided to offer its members and the greater community of Northern California Baba-lovers an on-line bulletin board for offering, advertising, or promoting things, events, opportunities, etc. to one another that one feels to be of interest. 

In order to get this up and running, we are seeking a volunteer(s) willing to set it up and maintain it. Please contact any board member if you think you might wish to help in this project.

You may also contact Ron Greenstein by e-mailing:  performs@mindspring.com

Active Committees

Bookstore - Ron Greenstein

Calendar (online) - Jeanne Moje MacDonald

Do you have an event or update for our calendar?  Please send an email to:  calendar@meherbabameherbaba.org

Center Maintenance - Fred White

Facebook page
- Jeanne Moje MacDonald

Finance and Fundraising - Doug Ross

Front Window Display - Janet White

Mailing List - managed by the Board

Service Committee - Karen Talbot

Outreach Committee - looking for volunteers!

        Do you have ideas for community outreach?  Please send an email to outreach@meherbabameherbaba.org

Program Committee - looking for volunteers!

Do you have a suggestion for a new program or event?  Please send an email to programs@meherbabameherbaba.org

Urban Sahavas - Alan and Karen Talbot

Website - Jeanne Moje MacDonald

Questions or comments about the MBCNC website?  Send an email to webmaster@meherbabameherbaba.org

Who to Contact

Telephone: (510) 525-4779 (email preferred)

Email us if you would like to participate on a committee.

Board members

Ron Greenstein
Keith Gunn
Pamela Johnson
Jamie Keehan
Donovan Rankin
Doug Ross
Ellen Van Allen
Fred White
Janet White