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CDs in the Lending Library

Instructions for Borrowers

The library is available to everyone. First register your name, address, phone number, and internet address in the registry book in the library. We ask that you return items after two months or sooner.

Library materials are located upstairs at the Stockton Street center on a tall bookshelf. There are also shelves downstairs that contain library materials.

As of 2012, Ron Greenstein is the Librarian for the Meher Baba Center of Northern California. If you have donations to make, or requests or concerns, please send an email to


We are always happy to receive books, CDs and videos about Meher Baba for our library.  We are looking for donations of the following books and/or videos in particular.

CD Library

Note: The CD-R talks are bundled into seven bags. Borrowers should take entire bundles without separating out, or disaggregating, the contents of the bundles. This is for ease of maintaining oversight on the library.

MBCNC has the following talks on CD:

Bag A
  • Mehera, B27, a and b, 6/27/75
  • Mehera, B51, a and b, 112/1//77
  • Eruch and Mani, B41, a and b, 2/2/70
  • Dr. Bharucha, L11, a and b, 7/19/73
  • Bili Eaton and Dr. Bharucha, S17-7A a and b
  • 1981 L.A. Sahavas

Bag B
  • Eruch, L19, 8/80, Baba’s Humiliation
  • Eruch and Mani, L30-1A, a and b, 7/10/83, Mandali Hall
  • Darwin Shaw, A1 a and b, 1967 Sufi Center
  • Dr. Bharucha, S15, 6 a and b,
  • Padri, B38 a and b, 7/12/75

Bag C
  • Adi K. Irani, B36 a and b, 3/12/70
  • Minoo Kharas, B22, 7/6/78
  • Mehera, B55 a and b, 2/14/81
  • Aloba, B33 a and b, 2/1/71
  • Aloba, B45 a and b, 5/7/88

Bag D
  • Bal and Eruch, B56,
  • Rano Gayley, L21, 7/11/70
  • Amrit, B50, 1990, one disc
  • 1981 L.A. Sahavas, S11, Opening Talks
  • Adi K. Irani, no file number, two discs

Bag E
  • Bill LePage, L8, pt 1,2, June 23, 1974
  • Jim McGrew, L10, pt 1,2, July 3, 1977
  • Pete Townsend, L26, pt 1,2, September, 1976
  • Ursula Van Buskirk, L29, pt 1,2,
  • Filis Frederick, L28, pt 1,2, October 30, 1981

Bag F
  • Los Angeles Sahavas, 1981, Opening Panel, S11, pt 1,2
  • Bili Eaton, Dr. Bharucha, Problem of Sex, S16, pt 1,2
  • Bili Eaton, July, 1981, S12, pt 1,2
  • Bili Eaton, Don Mahler, July, 1981, S 15, one disc
  • Alain Youell, November 1, 1974, pt 1,2

Bag G
  • Henry Kashouty, July 2, 1975
  • Lud Dimpfl, 1972, L4, one disc
  • Rick Chapman, July 9, 1976, L 2, one disc
  • Ivy Duce, April 1, 1972, L5, pt 1,2
  • Irwin Luck, June 7, 1974, L 6, pt 1,2
  • Bili Eaton, L.A. Sahavas, 1981, S12, pt 1,2