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April 2012 E-news, Volume 5, issue 3

"There is nothing beyond God and there is nothing without God, and yet God can always be captured by love.  All other essential qualities will come to the aspirant if he follows faithfully the whisperings of the unerring voice of love that speaks from his own heart, shedding light on the path."

Meher Baba

( Listen, Humanity, page 186) 


April, 2012                                                                                   Vol. 5, Issue 3
In This Issue
* Thankfulness for Baba's Gifts

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Dear Reader,

Mehera's niece and Adi K. Irani's niece, Meheru joined the women Mandali in her youth. She was the youngest of the women Mandali and lived a life solely for Him. We were very fortunate to know her. Her health had been frail for a number of years. She has now joined her Beloved Baba. 
The Meher Baba Center of Northern California held a loving remembrance of Meheru on Sunday, April 22. Raine Eastman-Gannett first sang songs that Meheru had requested in Meherazad. Sue Jamison and Jeanne MacDonald joined Raine with more songs. Ursula brought a copy of the beautiful eulogy that Rick and Sheryl Chapman sent to India. Alexandra Cons read the eulogy. Louise Barrie-Anthony read a talk given by Meheru when she visited the Bay Area in 1994 on 'Thankfulness for Baba's Gifts'. Then, Sheela Fenster shared touching childhood memories of Meheru and the women Mandali. Tommy Brustman showed a forty-five minute DVD of extremely clear footage of Meheru taken by Wendell Brustman in 1986 at Meherazad. We ended the afternoon singing the Gujerati Arti and reciting the Beloved God prayer. All in all, we spent three hours remembering one, who never forgot Him.
 Meheru was the last remaining women Mandali member and the last surviving member of the New Life. We are happy for Meheru to be reunited with her Beloved, but we will all miss Meheru's presence at Meherazad. 

Thankfulness for Baba's Gifts                Meheru Irani

Photo courtesy of Winifred Kershaw


Baba's gifts are countless. Evermorning on waking, I greet with bowed head

and palms together each and every photo of Baba in my room: and Mehera's photostoo. That does not prevent me from adding another and another if they are ones I like, for they keep alive the ever present memory of these dear ones. In a way I am thanking them for my being with them. In Baba's and Mehera's rooms, too, I bow down to the photos, and at their beds.  


There is a particular picture in Mehera's room, at the head of her bed, of Baba standing, smiling enigmaticallyIt is of our early days with Baba in Meherazad. My sister had wanted to take a photo of Baba, and we were standing in the garden waiting for Babto arrive. Naturally, seeing us, He asked what we were doing there, and I mentioned the photo. Immediately Babflung His umbrella away and Naggu took the photo. I thank Baba that He let her. I thank Baba that I was there, and this photo is a wonderful reminder of those happy days. 


Mehera, on awakening, would always bow to Baba's image on the tree outside her window, and then to all Baba's photos in her room. She would come to thiphoto of Baba's and bow down at His feewith her forehead, then raise her head tkiss His feet. Often I have seen her do soThat motion expressed her yearning treach upward, ever upward, to be with Him. All these thoughts come to me as giftfrom Baba - gifts of His love - living memories of Mehera's love for Him.  


In the dining room I bow at Baba's chaiand see Baba there. And I also see MeheraShe would never sit down to a meal without first bowing to Baba's photo behind Hichair and then drawing His chair away from the table, as she used to do, for Baba to be seated. After bringing the chair in place, she would say "Jai Baba" with joined hands. Never did I want to miss seeing her doing this before her meal. She was inviting Baba to join her at the table, and we would stand up and say "Jai Baba" with her, feeling, almost seeing, Baba standing there and then seating Himself at His table 


After breakfast I go around Baba-Mehera'garden to collect the flowers for His house. This we did not do when Baba was with us physically. Where was the need, when His presence and beauty shone everywhere? And where was the time? It was all directed towards HimBut later Mehera wanted it, so somehow I got involved.  


As I pass by I bow to her bed, where Baba's photo is, and Mehera's photo. Then I bow to Seclusion Hill, and thenas I pass by, to Baba's gift to Mehera, His image on the tree outside her window. Then I bow to her window as if to her. I then bow "Jai Baba" to Baba's window -His "T.V. window"and then to His "T.Vview," thanking Him for His beautiful gift of Meherazad and for allowing His Mehera to be with us all those years. also bow to all the wells whose water supply has kept Meherazad going, in thankfulness for this wondrous gift that helped us stay in His home in Meherazad and enabled us to care for His and Mehera's garden, in spite of the drought conditions to which 'Nagar is so prone.


Truly His gifts are limitless. Just in the first two hours of the gift of each day that He gives us, I cannot enumerate how much He has given and still gives. He gives to each and all, and we must keep our hearts open to these gifts. He will not clap His hands and point them out. We have to keep our hearts open to receive them as His Lovshines on each and all.


In Meherazad we cannot mourn - or should not - the passing of our Beloved

Baba and Mehera. That would be selfishness on our parts. Their home is so filled with memories of their beautiful Presence. For this we are ever joyful and grateful 


There is a small cabinet in the hallwaoutside the dining room door. Everyone in the way of work passes by it many times a day. One cannot help but see - as it was intended to be - the photo on it of Beloved Baba's hand. Mehera would often, in passing, touch this photo and afterwards touch her hand to her lips or her heart. have seen her stand before it, gazing in rapt contemplation, sometimes with silent tears rolling down her cheeks. Hesitating to disturb her, yet feeling she needed to be consoled, I, or one of us, would stop byBut we would realize those tears were of deep thankfulness. She was remembering how much Baba had silently given through the touch of His hands, all the countless gifts to us and all the world, especially to Mehera herself.


Thousands upon thousands during darshan received prasad from Baba's hands.

Often He would give with both hands throughout the day for hours on end. This

was not just the automatic action of giving, but the real prasad of His love reaching them through His unforgettable touch. And each one would feel they had had their own special moment of darshan.  


Those slim, shapely hands had worked hard in manual labor, in washing the feet of the poor, in bathing masts and lepersAll this Mehera would recount. And these were just the outward signs of the real gift He gave. How can we gauge the inner benefit of such grace? Grace flows eternally for one and all from Him, who is All Merciful and Eternally Benevolent. Be receptive to Him 


When you look around you in the place where you live, you will realize how close Baba's contact is with you, also: not only in your individual lives, but through the invaluable legacy of His books, photos, and movies. And you have had contact with many of His followers: the mandali who lived with Him, and those who loved and followed Him when He was physically in our midst. Do not dwell on the fact that most of them are no longer with us, but rather on the countless gifts that Baba has given you through them. What would Australihave been without Francis, or Myrtle Beach without Elizabeth and Kitty, or England without dear Delia, or New Zealand

without Baba's special gift of Anthony? Do not dwell on what is no longer there, but on what you have already been given! Otherwise, we would be belittling His

gifts. Use each opportunity you get, when faced with difficulty or adversity, as the biggest gifts He offers you. In our complete acceptance and surrender to His will is our opportunity to give, in some measure, to the One who has everything. It is the chance for the individual drop to give to the Limitless Ocean.





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