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August 2014 E-News

"Only because of the infinite love and mercy of God can man learn to realize through the lessons of misery on earth that inherent in him is the source of infinite bliss and that all suffering is his labor of love to unveil his own infinite Self."
  ~ Meher Baba, 1956, Lord Meher,  4041*
*Kind permission to use the quote from Lord Meher, online edition, p. 4041, has been granted by the copyright holder, Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, Ahmednagar, India 

, 2014                                                                
Vol. 7, Issue 3    

In This Issue
Mehera Arjani's Bay Area visit
Spiritual Practices Part 3
Article Headline
Jenny Zenner Remembrance
Important Circular from theTrust
Poetry Corner
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Dear Reader
In this issue:
We have a review of Mehera Arjani's Bay Area visit by Raine, Brian Drygas' shares part three of his exploration of spiritual practices according to Meher Baba, Sean Twohig shares his thoughts on the subject of private property and spirituality, and we remember Jenny Williamson Zenner. 
Mera Adeline Erbe Talbot was born on Friday, August 8, at 8:58 a.m. Her parents are Jackie Erbe and Andrew Talbot. Everyone is well and happy. 
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Jai Baba!
~Lisa Greenstein

Fundraiser for Meher Fund
Please join us on Saturday, September 20, at 6 p.m. at the Talbots for an Indian dinner fundraiser for Meher Free Dispensary.  The Meher Free Dispensary provides free medical care to the poor and under-served living near Meherazad.  
Our special guests will be Meher Fund board member Anil Nori and his wife Vijayasree.  Many of you may remember them since they lived in San Jose for several years.  Anil and Vijayasree grew up in Hyderabad.  Both families were very devoted to Meher Baba.  They would see Baba when he visited Hyderabad.  They also attended the East-West Gathering and Guruprasad. Anil and Vijayasree will share many of their remembrances with us at the fundraiser.
We will also show the latest DVD of the dispensary.  If you want additional information, would like to be involved in the fundraiser, or wish to donate any items for a silent auction, please contact Karen at

Mehera Arjani on Vacation from Meherazad and Meherabad MS India Visits the Northern California Baba Centre as an Urban Sahavas Guest Speaker" 
by Raine Eastman-Gannett
    The Northern California Meher Baba Center and our Urban Sahavas wallas invited Mehera (nee Kerawalla) Arjani to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area for five days as a weekend Sahavas speaker during her holiday and circuit of the West Coast, which included Oregon, Meherana, and Los Angeles.
 The Friday evening at Moraga opened with a great potluck dinner and entertainment for the Beloved from Cathy Haas (who happened to be visiting from North Carolina), David Miotke, Ron Greenstein, and Raine. Mehera told a story now and then, answered questions as asked, and sang along too. It was a wonderful opening evening to the Sahavas.
    Saturday's plan was an open invitation to meet at David Overton's "Cheesecake Factory" in Walnut Creek.  A nice eclectic group of family (including the adorable Mani-Ann Talbot sweet baby girl) and friends showed up. Sufism Re-oriented friends of Mehera's came as well including Jim and Hana Peterson. Many a fun photo was snapped and also pictures of the "Mastery in Servitude" logos included in the ceiling art work. We ate and quickly headed off to the Meher Baba Center of North California housed at present in El Cerrito.
 The talk by Mehera at our Center was so great as was her direct way of expressing her and her sister Dolly's childhood with a close Baba family and the Mandali's involvement with their lives. The close proximity to Guruprasad meant Baba would pop in to Bindra House, which was just around the corner from her parent's, Sam & Roshan Kerawalla's, home in Pune. Her talk was filled with stories of Eruch's mother, Gaimai.  Questions and Answers is a favorite part of any Mehera's talk, and the questions were very interesting as were the Baba-filled unusual answers.
Cathy Haas Riley sang a concert, and then we resumed with more of Mehera's interesting talk after another wonderful pot luck.
  Sunday noon saw more eating and a great and generous spread for lunch. This was held at the home of Alan and Karen Talbot's again. The musician singing was Adrienne Shamzad before the talk, which was an excellent choice of entertainment for the Beloved. Mehera gave an interesting talk of life around Meherwan Jessawalla at Meherazad, where Mehera currently lives and also assists in care for Meherwan as he ages. Stories of his wisdom from a life in a family of Baba's love are as fresh as always. More stories were told of the intricate genetic links of the Satha, Damania, Kerawalla and Jessawalla families, which are so blood-related due to marrying cousins that one can probably be a first cousin and fourth cousin once removed at one and the same time :~) A film was shown and the atmosphere of being around a Parsee-Irani is always so frank and directly relaxed, with their marvelous humor.  It was all a delight and very refreshing.
 A wonderful Meherazad and Meherabad reconnecting Sahavas was over and all had their cups filled. Quite a large turnout came and all felt just as we did.  It was a great three day weekend Urban Sahavas and our closeness and love for Meher Baba was glowing by the end of Mehera's talks and questions and answers with the sharing of rare and rich Baba stories.
 Before Mehera, and her traveling friend Vijaya, headed back to India, Mehera wanted to see the sights in the San Francisco Bay Area that Baba had visited. On Monday, we carpooled to San Francisco to see Coit Tower that we see Baba visiting in a film. Upon going inside and up to the top, the elevator person allowed us to go out on a lower balcony to see a 360 degree wonderful view as well as the top 12th floor view. We were the only ones on this balcony and I had never been on it before in my many visits there. It felt like a little present to Mehera from our pretty city. We also saw Lombard Street -the crookedest street.   Alan gladly put up with traffic and drove us down it ..weeee... it is amazing! Cameras were clicking!
 Then to Golden Gate Park to a small overpass bridge.  In a photograph taken in the 1930s,  Baba had been standing in the area with a dog. We headed to west San Francisco and the Pacific Coast, where a wonderful lunch had been booked at the CLIFF HOUSE with great food and views of the surf, surfers, dolphins and seals.  It was a wonderful day of sights and Baba discussion.
 Tuesday, the day before Mehera and Vijaya were to depart, we were slotted to go to Muir Woods, where people were invited to meet at the entrance. Here, Mehera strode off with hiking stick in hand. Off we went up, up, up, one of the steep trails among the trees of which Meher Baba said, "Some of these tress were here when I was Rama!"
Then we all drove to Muir Beach for a picnic lunch on the newly refurbished picnic and car park area, before going down to the wild surf of Muir Beach. Here we connected with Adrienne again and guest Vanessa Connor and her two boys. The Bay Area showed off its beauty to Mehera and Vijaya and, of course, to Vanessa and her family visiting from South Carolina.
 The wonderful five days closed with yet another potluck dinner at Moraga at the home of the Talbots.
All thanks to our Meher Baba of North California Centre, the Talbots, and especially to Mehera Arjani for a Sahavas experience full of Baba's love.
Jaya Jai Meher Baba!     


Exploring Spiritual Practice, Part Three                         by Brian Drygas
This is part three from the series based on a participatory presentation, "Exploring Spiritual Practice" given at the Center.  
There are different ways to categorize when spiritual practice is performed. These can be thought of as:
  1. All of the time
  2. When opportunity arises
  3. At planned times (scheduled and/or periodic)
In this part, we will discuss ways of having spiritual practice "when the opportunity arises".   In daily life, we are presented with opportunities to practice different aspects of spiritual life.
Here are some ways in which we can exercise spiritual practice when opportunities arise: (all quotes are from the Discourses)
  1. Freedom from worry - When we find ourselves worrying about something, we can work on reducing this worry.  About worry, Meher Baba writes, "Worry has never done anyone any good, and it is very much worse than mere dissipation of psychic energy, for it substantially curtails the joy and fullness of life."
  2. Cultivate cheerfulness, enthusiasm and equipoise. Baba writes, "Hence arises the supreme need to maintain cheerfulness, enthusiasm and equipoise under all circumstances." In life, circumstances often arise which challenge us to do this.
  3. Think more of the good points of others than the bad points. Baba writes, "When a person avoids backbiting and thinks more of the good points in others than of their bad points, and when he can practice supreme tolerance, and desires the good of others even at the cost of his own self, he is ready to receive the grace of the Master."
  4. Practice love, generosity and tolerance. Baba writes, "By trying to dwell in love, generosity and tolerance, man can erase the tendencies of lust, greed and anger."  When presented with situations with tendencies towards lust, greed, or anger, we can seize these opportunities to raise within ourselves spiritual practices.
In addition, internal guidance can lead us in how to help others. The help to another can be simply saying a kind word or could be something requiring more effort.
Life situations provide the opportunity to have tolerance, patience, generosity and love.   It seems like it would be most difficult to practice some things without the opportunities presented in life. Baba writes, "All the Master expects is that the aspirant will try his best for spiritual advancement."
-Brian Drygas
Private Property and Spirituality                 by Sean Twohig
     "Mine!" is one of the first words a child learns. But as Baba says, "To get nearer and nearer to God you have to get further and further away from 'I', 'My', 'Mine'." Working at the Meher School with two, three, and four year olds, I have observed that private property issues are the number one cause of discord, tension, and fights. "I had it first!" is a resounding preschool mantra. It carries the illusory essence of an entitled sense of objective ownership. Observing constant schoolyard quarrels about what is fair and what belongs to whom sheds some clarity on why adults wage wars and fire missiles. Talking about World War II, Baba said on January 6th, 1942, "The greatest lesson that this war has taught to all of us is the futility of false values in life, such as wealth, property, possessions, et cetera, which have no consideration or value at all when life itself is at stake." Still the importance placed on private property is held very dearly in our world, and not just in times of war.
     Jesus says in Luke 6:29, "If someone takes your coat, don't stop them from taking your shirt also." It becomes clear that this is an opportunity for ego effacement, especially when considering that this quote is immediately paired with, "If someone strikes you on one cheek, offer him the other as well." When my roommate is using my Vitamix blender to make an oily almond butter and leaves the container soaking in the sink instead of washing it right away, it's the perfect opportunity for ego effacement. The choice is clear: "That's MY $430 blender you're oiling up!" or "That blender exists. It has its own consciousness. It is neither mine nor yours - it belongs to God." If someone wants to borrow my car, and the feeling of "That's my precious car," comes up. . . I can choose to release concern over the outcome of the situation and give selflessly to help my friend, or I can decide it is more important that the car remains scratch free and safely in my possession. It becomes especially challenging when the property in question has sentimental value. "Wait, this is my grandmother's blanket! I don't want that stinky homeless person to use it!" I know I want to become an effortlessly giving person, but it requires a lot of practice. I've noticed that even the slightest hesitation often makes an attempt at giving feel unnatural and insincere. If there is not an initial impulse, a full force surge of love behind the giving, then a half-hearted and second-guessed attempt at giving usually falls short. This means generosity must become automatic and second nature. I like thinking in terms of the spiritual gift economy. This is an economic system based on giving as much as possible in every exchange, and taking as little as possible. It's completely backwards from the economy of dollars and cents! In fact it's so backwards from how I was raised, it requires an extra attentive effort just to notice my often Scrooge-like tendencies.
     In children, it's easy to see. This is particularly true when they hold so dearly to something I wouldn't value as an adult; perhaps, a stick they just found on the ground when there are a hundred more just like it at their feet! Now suddenly two best friends have become bitter enemies because there is some invisible value placed on this particular stick caught in their tug-of-war. "Mine! Mine!" This bizarre behavior makes me wonder if there's something behind the scenes in the unknown world which causes the child to cling for dear life. Baba said, "Generally, children up to the age of seven do not incur sanskaras. Their life until seven years of age is passed through according to, and depending on, the "push" of the sanskaras in their previous life." So somehow these two youngsters are probably not incurring any new sanskaras. But are they still exchanging them? For children, their difficultly in letting go is most natural and forgivable. They are doing what they need to do for the working out of their natural sanskaras. But for me, no matter how important, expensive, and "Mine," it is - truly, I don't own anything. I am constantly trying to remind myself that everything belongs to God.
     It applies not only to a stick, a sand-castle, or a bug, but also to our own bodies and space.   "No, I don't want you to play with me! Go away!" Or when one child hits another? These actions are because of the push from their previous birth. Really, there is little difference between a slap and a stolen shovel - they are both exchanges of sanskaras (and in adulthood, opportunities for self-effacement). When a child is hanging on to my leg and won't let go, I often playfully call them a barnacle. I can literally feel my body being hijacked, and feel the weight of this person dragging me down. . . but in a way it is unifying, that child's center of gravity and my own become one.   And when carrying a child in my arms. . . the weight of the child becoming heavier and heavier, more and more burdensome to my muscles and bones. . . it seems another opportunity to give at the expense of my own comfort. These are soft and lovely examples compared to brutality and torture, but still. . . when I was in high school and a fellow punched me in the head a few times, my natural response was to curl up in a ball - perhaps this was somehow relieving me of a few old iron chains? Perhaps I should thank that fellow who I thought was my enemy! And then when I got into a motorcycle accident in college, long before coming to love Meher Baba - that act of metal pushing into my physical space so forcefully that it snapped my femur in two. . . was it some predestined spiritual arrangement? It certainly set into motion a chain of events that was absolutely necessary for my spiritual growth. And even in the bone itself, when that bumper invaded my personal space so deeply, it may have balanced some old debt. Either way, ownership of the body is the strongest private property illusion. I do not own my own body - it too belongs to Baba. On a side note, I often laugh at the luxuriously large, most precious American bubble of isolating personal space. Especially when standing belly to belly in a queue in India!
     The word "private" has Latin origins meaning the individual, to deprive, and withdraw from community. This meaning applies to our cherished right to privacy as well. In preschool, it is well understood that children sometimes need a private quiet corner. They sometimes need to withdraw from the community and have a window of solitary peace. It is critical to their happiness and well being. Again, this must come from something deeply rooted in their past lives. I also deeply relish a few minutes of introverted quietude. Yet the right to privacy usually has a different connotation than just a minute alone. It often means the right to keep something hidden.
     I would never want my most precious secrets to be spilled to the public. But what is the value of this secret? Maybe I am trying to keep my weaknesses from hurting others ~ even now I cringe at the thought of putting an example here to illustrate one of my dirty secrets! Oh, how it might negatively effect those who would read it! How it might put the burden of my negative energies onto you, my poor beloved reader. But is this secret secretly a self-protection mechanism? Is it keeping my ego-image safe so all you Baba-lovers will still think highly of me? What value, what meaning does this type of privacy hold in light of God who has a direct window into every room, every heart, and every thought? I would not care a stitch for privacy unless there was something to hide - some image to protect.
     I often think of Baba saying to Eruch, "Honesty means never hurting someone's heart." Frequently, I've seen this quote used by Baba lovers to justify little white lies. But I've always interpreted it to mean that we would never take any action that would hurt someone's heart. Why would I shy away from someone looking all through my phone, reading every text message and email? Because there may be actions taken or words said there that, by Baba's definition, were dishonest in the first place. So I use privacy to protect my weaknesses instead of bringing them to the surface, facing the hard consequences, absorbing the ego-effacement, and moving through my illusions more quickly. Baba would always ask someone what they were thinking just at the moment when they were having their most private thoughts - calling that secret inner world out into the open. It's embarrassing to be seen, but God always sees us completely naked to the core.
     I know that trying to live a spiritual life means letting go of my attachments to body, possessions, and separative existence, but it is not always easy to overcome everything I learned and observed as a child. There is so much emphasis on teaching children the importance of private property! It takes a lot of adjustment to see through these deeply conditioned paradigms. But bringing awareness to my habit-patterns and shaking them loose is the Master's game. Trusting Him completely and obeying Him when He says to offer a treasure freely, or to lend a tired hand, becomes a very practical way to transform this private separative world into a spiritual existence.
     I will close with a small anecdote Baba gave in Karwar in 1940: "If you are in the Sahara, and for four days you have no water to drink and, all of a sudden, one bottle of water appears - how do you react? If you have poise, you will let your companion drink and not mind dying and letting her live. But if you fight and grab it, you lack poise and spirituality. It is this poise that makes you sacrifice and makes others happy."
Remembering Jenny Williamson Zenner
Many of us became dear and close friends with Jenny Zenner (then Jenny Califf), when she resided in the Bay Area from 1981 to 1989. She served as the secretary for the Board of Directors of MBCNC. She also lived for some years in a downstairs apartment at the Jamison's home, and often participated in Sunday morning arti at the Greenstein's.  Jenny worked in the same San Francisco office (Jim Rankin & Associates) as Ron Greenstein and Donovan Rankin for seven years. In 1989, our "Laughing Bird" (Mani's nickname for Jenny) flew to her heart's desire in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where she was to serve at the Meher Spiritual Center, to find and marry her soul mate, Craig Zenner and to care for her beloved dogs, Huckleberry and Blueberry. 
You may have heard and sung the song she wrote in 1968, after she first heard of Baba through Charles Haynes at Emory University, "Don't worry be happy, Meher Baba loves us all. Illusions are many, but underneath them all, is one reality, that you and I are one, and God is love and love is God and God and man are one."
Jenny passed away last May and a few weeks before that she composed her last song, "There's a song in my heart waiting to be sung. Don't strive for perfection, let it all run."  I believe she was acknowledging and embracing Baba's unconditional love for her and for all of us.
Lisa Greenstein
Jenny Williamson Zenner had a big laugh and an even bigger heart. Thanks to Baba who called me to be with her, I had the privilege to be there during the last few days of her life. And indeed it was a privilege.
To quote Charles Haynes from his beautiful eulogy for Jenny, "Jenny had a profound awareness that in our life with Meher Baba, time is not real- but His timing is everything."
Her main caregiver was so moved by the love and caring shown to Jenny and Jenny's attitude and demeanor that she became very interested in Meher Baba! Even if she does not become a Baba Lover, she has heard and shared in His prayers, stared at His photos, and said "Jai Baba".  This is His will but perhaps Jenny's last gift.
As it became obvious to all and to Jenny that her life in this incarnation was about to be over, all pretense and ego dropped away and pure love was the only thing left. Her face became clear and focused as her dearest friends and loved ones came to say goodbye to her. As she lay in her bed weak and hardly able to speak, she reminded me of Mehera as she greeted each one with love and concern for THEIR health and well-being and reminded them to love Baba and remember Him. The love oozed out of her and permeated the room.
Anyone who knew Jenny knew she was a loyal friend with a most giving heart. She trusted Meher Baba completely and I know He will never let her down.
The Victory is His.
Jai Baba,
Sue Jamison


Important Circular from the Trust about Baba's Last Warning

12 August 2014
Dear Baba lovers world-wide,
Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!!!
Meher Baba has repeatedly and very strongly warned His lovers to stay away from all individuals claiming spiritual advancement and declaring themselves as Sadgurus, saints, mahatmas, and the like. It is an unequivocal and absolute warning.
"It is equally important at this critical period of the Avataric Age to beware at all times of persons who lead others into believing that they are saintly and pious and profess to possess supernatural powers. However pious such persons appear to be, a Baba-lover must never mix such piety with the Divinity of the Avatar!
"A true Baba-lover must remember the repeated warning given to all Baba-lovers time and again to stay away from persons who feel and assert that they are masters and saints and possess powers to help human beings. His lovers and workers should never get involved with such persons and affairs, much less with perverted 'helpers of humanity' who have no reverence or regard for the Perfect Masters and the Avatar of the age. Beware of them who exploit spirituality to gain their selfish ends and dupe others in the name of Sadgurus and the Avatar."
Recently, a person named Dr. Raghuveer Gaur has been coming to Baba's own Tomb-shrine, His home at Meherazad and also traveling to various Baba Centers and groups all over India and world-wide, claiming to be a God-realized Sadguru. He promotes himself as a Sadguru using Avatar Meher Baba's photo, flag, "Mastery in Servitude" symbol, etc., as a background, as can be seen on a current YouTube video:
and on his website:
He has been warned to stop this behavior on Meherabad and Meherazad premises by several persons including Eruch Jessawala's brother, Meherwan Jessawala, but has not paid heed to Beloved Baba's express order.
In this light, the Trustees of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust feel that it is their duty to warn Baba lovers to disassociate themselves from any such person claiming spiritual authority, by pointing out the numerous warnings given by Beloved Baba specifically on this issue. An extract from Eruch's letter dictated by Baba sums up Baba's repeated warning to His lovers to beware:
"Baba says that the time is such that his lovers should cling to his Daaman under any circumstances. There will be many a howling wolf distracting his poor and simple lambs, donning the robes of sanctity and assuming the roles of saints, yogis, maharishis and mahatmas. Beloved Baba exhorts his loved ones to beware of such fakirs and fakes, for they will abound on the face of the Earth ever more, and like mushrooms, spring up unseen and out of nowhere. Hence it is of utmost importance that his lovers and workers remain vigilant, and pay heed to his repeated warnings to beware of so-called saints, sadgurus, munis, rishis, yogis, masts, fakirs, and above all, avatars of the yug!"
Since we are incapable of recognizing the spiritual status of anyone, making judgments or talking ill of others would be displeasing to Baba. Neither can we remain silent spectators or condone such actions when individuals claiming to be Sadgurus associate themselves with Beloved Baba using His photograph, symbol and messages. What transpires between such individuals and Baba lovers outside is between them and Baba, but each Baba Center is His Home, and His order needs to be obeyed implicitly and immediately if someone claiming to be a Sadguru or having spiritual authority comes and tries to preach his message. We need to uphold Beloved Baba's order and respectfully ask that person to leave. Center heads need to be ever vigilant, because if innocent Baba lovers are influenced by someone on the premises of a Baba Center, then the responsibility is shared by the managing heads of these places.
Below are "Avatar Meher Baba's Last Warning" circular of 1968 and Eruch's letter to Dr. Dhanapathy Rao dictated by Baba in 1962 that fully explain Beloved Baba's warnings to His lovers on this issue.
In Beloved Baba's Abiding Love, Shridhar Kelkar
Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust
Ahmednagar, M.S. 414001, India
Last Warning
to those who love Him, obey Him
and all who would want to do so.
Baba wants all His lovers to know that:
This is a very critical period of the Avataric Age and all His lovers must strive to their utmost to hold His daaman very firmly so that it does not slip out of their hands under any circumstances.
It is very important for all His lovers, especially in this critical period not to succumb to lust. Temptations are and will be great, but your love for Him should be greater. Remember Him wholeheartedly and rise swiftly from where you have fallen to march ahead in His love & service.
It is equally important at this critical period of the Avataric Age to beware at all times of persons who lead others into believing that they are saintly and pious and profess to possess supernatural powers. However pious such persons appear to be, a Baba-lover must never mix such piety with the Divinity of the Avatar!
A true Baba-lover must remember the repeated warning given to all Baba-lovers time and again to stay away from persons who feel and assert that they are masters and saints and possess powers to help human beings. His lovers and workers should never get involved with such persons and affairs, much less with perverted "helpers of humanity" who have no reverence or regard for the Perfect Masters and the Avatar of the age. Beware of them who exploit spirituality to gain their selfish ends and dupe others in the name of Sadgurus and the Avatar.
His lovers and workers should not get intimately involved with the family affairs of one another, and they should not be emotionally upset by the personal affairs concerning any of their families. They should NOT let any personal affairs vitiate their relationships with one another, or affect their efforts in the work they do for the cause of Truth.
He wants His lovers and workers who are spreading His message of Love to others, to share His love among themselves and to uphold the spirit of harmony and understanding in His name. He wants them to be less aggressive toward others and less tolerant towards themselves; and above all He wants them to love Him wholeheartedly for He is the Ancient One who loves them more than they can ever love themselves.
(Meher Baba, through Adi K. Irani, July 1968)
Shun those masters
who are like multi-coloured electric signs
that flash on and off,
brightening the dark sky of your world
and leaving you in darkness again.
(Meher Baba, February 1966)
Dictated by Meher Baba to Eruch Jessawala & sent on Christmas Day, 1962
The following is part of a message Meher Baba sent by letter to T. Dhanapathy Rao, President of the Avatar Meher Baba Andhra Center in Kakinada, on December 25, 1962, through Eruch Jessawala:
My dear Dhanapathy Rao,
Beloved Baba wants me to convey to you and to all his dear ones who played a prominent part to have the new set-up for Avatar Meher Baba Andhra Center as wished by him, that he is happy with what has been decided upon. Baba wants you, V.V. Narayana Rao, and the rest of his dear ones to know that next year is very important and critical from the point of view of his work, workers, and lovers, and as such, he wants Avatar Meher Baba Andhra Centre to remain ever vigilant, so that his lambs may not be devoured by wolves. This is what beloved Baba has been telling all his loved ones who have been burdened with the responsibilities of being group-heads of various Meher Centers.
Baba says that the time is such that his lovers should cling to his Daaman under any circumstances. There will be many a howling wolf distracting his poor and simple lambs, donning the robes of sanctity and assuming the roles of saints, yogis, maharishis and mahatmas. Beloved Baba exhorts his loved ones to beware of such fakirs and fakes, for they will abound on the face of the Earth ever more, and like mushrooms, spring up unseen and out of nowhere. Hence it is of utmost importance that his lovers and workers remain vigilant, and pay heed to his repeated warnings to beware of so-called saints, sadgurus, munis, rishis, yogis, masts, fakirs, and above all, avatars of the yug!
Baba sends his love blessing to you all.
Yours lovingly,
Eruch Jessawala
Copyright © 2003-2011 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, Ahmednagar, India. All quotes of Meher Baba copyright ©Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust

All I Saw from Meher was Love
(From the above starting prompt by Mehernoush McPherson)

All I saw from Meher was Love.

He moved with the grace of an ocean wave

And I was engulfed; and so became

His willing and resourceful slave.

All I felt from Meher was Love:

Love in a kiss, and a glance, and a touch;

Love in a thousand diverse faces;

Love in the smallest, darkest places.

All I know from Meher is Love --

Love so much more than what I imagined

Love to be, and still He teaches

How Love stretches out to the farthest reaches

And then beyond; how it dives to the depths

And soars past the shadows of the stars above --

All I have seen in uncountable ages

Was all from Meher, and was all of it Love.

~ Greg Dunn


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- Arti happens once a month, usually the first Sunday.
 Locations vary.  Call Ellen Van Allen at 707-528-0357 for specific information. 

Los Gatos - Sunday Evenings
At the home of Clint Snyder
Call (408) 395-6865

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