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May 2012 E-news

"The more you think of Me, the more you will realize My love for you."

Meher Baba



May, 2012                                                                                   Vol. 5, Issue 4

In This Issue
* Memories of Meherazad
* Mehera's Message 1988

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Dear Reader,


Kacy Cook will be our special guest at an afternoon tea in memory of Mehera on 'Mehera's Day', Sunday, May 20. Kacy enjoyed the privilege of attending to Mehera, Meheru, and the women Mandali at Meherazad beginning in 1978.  She has many touching Meherazad remembrances to share with us.  We will also be remembering Meheru.  The tea will be held at the home of the Talbots at 721 Crossbrook Drive, in Moraga.



Meherwan Merchant arrived in the Bay Area April 30.  He began his 2012 U.S. visit as the guest speaker at the Southeast Gathering.  He has been touring the U.S. visiting Baba Lovers in many cities.   He is with us until he departs for the Oklahoma Sahavas, where he will be one of the guest speakers.  Meherwan met Baba when he was forty days old.


His grandmother was Kharmenmasi.  Pleader, one of Baba's mandali members, lived with his family when Meherwan was a teenager. 


During his two week visit in the Bay Area, there will be many dinners, outings, and activities with Meherwan. Friday, May 4, and Friday, May 11, there will be Parsi cooking classes beginning at 5 p.m. at the Talbots.  Meherwan is an excellent chef.


Saturday, May 5, we will host an evening gathering at the Talbots beginning with a 6 p.m. dinner.


There will be an Urban Sahavas the following weekend -- May 12 and May 13. Cindy Lowe will be our musical guest.  For more information about daytime activities, weeknight dinners, gatherings, and other get-togethers, you can phone Karen Talbot  at  925-286-2864.


Everyone is invited for dinner each evening.  Please call ahead to let us know if you are coming.




Memories of Meherazad                              By Kacy Cook


Mehera Kacy

From late 1978 until 1989, I was extremely fortunate to spend all my

days (except Fridays) in Meherazad. Of course, I was always happiest

when I was near Mehera. It seemed Baba was always with her. What

can I say? It was like that. Much later Mani told me that after Baba

had dropped His Body, Mani felt His Presence the most when she was

with Mehera.


In Mehera's time, Baba's Home was usually very quiet, elegantly still.

Baba's Women did a beautiful job trying to keep the Bungalow free of

distractions so that dearest Mehera would be able to keep her focus on

Baba, whatever she was doing. The women took beautiful care of Mehera

and helped her whenever she needed it. Of course there were the

usual daily conversations...a retelling of a Baba story, letters to dictate,

Mani's relating of a humorous event, mealtime conversation, good light

teasing and so on. But at the back of it all was Mehera's happiness

which Baba wanted and which the Women did everything they could to

maintain. And that meant allowing her time to be alone with Baba.


Early on, Mehera and Goher asked me to do some work on Baba's

photos. Perhaps the glass needed cleaning or the frame needed to be

opened for repair, and sometimes the picture itself needed a little

restoration. In those days when I'd open a frame back, I never knew

what I'd find...newspaper from the 1950s, old medical records Goher had

used as frame padding, and so on. I had no access to anything like new

cardboard, let alone today's wonderful archival products, but Mehera and

Goher and Meheru would always find marvelous things for me to work

with. And of course, I was on a steep learning curve when it came to

working with Beloved Baba's photos because most of them had been in

Baba's Home during His Time. I had to learn to use extreme care.


One day I heard Meheru urgently calling me from the Main Bungalow

and I went running. It seems the wind had blown a curtain, which had

knocked over a photo of Baba, and it had landed on the floor with the glass

shattered. It was a true favorite of Mehera's, and Meheru had quickly

wrapped the picture in cloth so that Mehera wouldn't have to look at the

broken picture any more. When I got there, I could see the situation.


Meheru was trying to pacify Mehera, so when she asked me to go

straight to the bazaar and get the frame fixed I simply said, "Sure." I took

the cloth wrapped package and went on my way. Out of Mehera's sight

I opened the package, carefully removed all the broken glass, saw that

the photo was unharmed, dusted it off and packed it all up for a trip on

my scooter into the bazaar. Luckily, the good framer was there. He cut

a new glass immediately. We cleaned the glass and frame, carefully

replaced Baba's photo, and the framer did the rest. I was left with the

daunting challenge of returning Baba's photo to Meherazad, unharmed,

via my scooter. By His Grace, early the next morning I arrived in

Meherazad. Saying nothing, I simply handed the photo to dear Mehera

and you should have seen her smile! Unforgettable, unbounded

happiness. And in that moment I had a glimmer of what it was to please

Baba. No wonder His happiness was their happiness.


Once, years later in Baba's House, Mehera was standing near the photo

of Baba mentioned above. She beckoned me to her, reached behind the

picture of Baba and brought out an adorable little round sandalwood

box, about an inch across with a little point on top. To my delight she

handed me the box. I said, "Wow, thank you Mehera" and gave her a little

kiss on the cheek. Then she said, "For goodness sakes, open it." I hadn't

even considered opening it. I felt pretty silly, but when I did I saw a

beautiful, very clear little photo of Baba inside the box, and His Love

poured out, just poured and poured. I was immobilized, and then

Mehera said "I have been wanting to give this to you for a good month

or two."


Oh my gosh. Even though Mehera had wanted to give this little photo to

me for some time, she'd waited until Baba prompted her. He knew the

exact right time for me to receive it, and it was perfect. And in her

unparalleled wisdom and obedience to Baba, Mehera would even say,

"Yes. It's much easier to do, than to not do." Perhaps it's less in our

doing, and more in the waiting for Baba's nod to us that He can do what

He'd like to do.


To end this little string of memories, I recall Mehera saying with such

charm and love, "Appreciation is a big part of loving Baba." How

beautifully she appreciated Baba's Hand in all of our lives, in everything.

Many times when pilgrims and residents would gather in Meherabad for

Baba's Samadhi Darshan and Arti, Mehera would ask us, "Why have you

come here?" And then she'd say, "It is Baba's Love, and His Love alone

that has brought you here."


May we all learn to appreciate Him more and more in each and every

aspect of our lives in His creation.


Beloved Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai




Mehera's Message, 1988

Ben Leet just came across this message this in his files a few days ago.  

Mehera's Christmas Message, 1988

Always keep Beloved Meher in your heart and in your thoughts, 

Remember . . . it is not the speed with which you obtain your goals 
in life that counts, 

But the time that you spare . . . and want to share . . . with your 
Beloved that really matters. 

So . . . with every step you take in life . . . remember and try to 
please your Beloved . . . 

Who is always with you, helping and guiding you on your journey home to Himself. 

Who is the source of all goodness and light. 

Always keep Beloved Meher in your heart and in your thoughts. 


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